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Combining my education, experience and training we will dive into your current health and lifestyle goals. This process is tailored to each client depending on need, life circumstances and goals. There are several options you can choose from to suit your desires. In understand that both cost and time are valuable to people  - and wish to offer you a wide range of appointments to get you on your way.


Not everyone will be the best fit to work together. I believe it is important to establish rapport and have a clear understanding of expectations before entering into a working relationship. If you wish to get to know me and my process a bit more before committing to a package or appointment book a 15 minute discovery call.



The 90 minute call allows for a more in depth discussion of your goals and current challenges. This appointment includes in depth forms to complete before we meet to give me a clear picture of where you are and where you want to go. We look at a variety of things including sleep patterns, stress management, meal patterns and your overall mood. I do not diagnose or treat specific disease (I am not a medical professional) however I guide you with supportive lifestyle changes you can make to that are designed to increase your quality of life overall.
While filling out forms might seem daunting for some, I find that clients make the best progress when they take time to review goals and write them out. Together we can take each goal and break it down into the steps needed to reach them.


Checking in on progress is an integral part of making any changes last. Motivation and accountability are part of it, but also confirming goals are still appropriately challenging and moving you in the right direction.


This package gets you access to an initial session and either 5 additional 30 minute follow up sessions OR 2 addition 60 minute sessions and one 30 minute session This includes the initial intake form, NAQ assessment, food and mood journal review as well as follow up reviews. All package appointments must be used within 6 months. Additional follow up appointments can be purchased individually or in an additional follow up package.


This package is a way to get five 30 minute follow up sessions at a discounted rate. This is a great deal if you with to keep going with sessions. All package sessions must be used within a 6 month timeframe. There is an option to combine two of the 30 minute sessions into one 60 minute follow up if you desire - email Toni Mahoney separately about that if you wish to exercise that option.

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