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I have been in the coaching and counseling world my entire career. Starting out I was working in career centers at a few universities. Coaching students on moving towards their chosen career, or helping others navigate career changes through pursuing advanced degrees.

Later I began working with outplacement clients - that is people who had lost their jobs. Work with these clients ranged from helping them find similar new positions, or (even more fun) guiding them to step outside themselves and follow their passion.

Through it all, I noticed that the people who were most likely to make a change were those that had to. They were literally or virtually pushed off a cliff in some way. Humans are funny and we get comfortable where we are, even if it isn't where we would like to be. 

My transition to the health and wellness world started with my kids. I wanted to learn more to raise them as healthy as possible in a world increasingly bombarded with toxins. Then came my own health crash. My own cliff so to speak. Throughout my career I always leveled up when led to, and this was another such journey. I pursued certification as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner to use in conjunction with my Masters in Counseling so I can continue to support people on their own path to health and wellness.

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